Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Coming soon...

...from Phaze, my erotic urban fantasy novella, "To Have and Have Not."

Based on the classic Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Bacall movie of the same name, this story incorporates some of my favorite themes: dangerous secrets, rebellion against authority, and acute sexual attraction. Of course, my version takes the lovers' physical and emotional relationship much further than Bogie and Bacall were permitted to go onscreen in the 1940s.

Fifty years in the future, the collision between unchecked Global Warming and unforeseen metaphysical conditions has created a tear in the fabric of reality known as the Breach. Now the inhabitants of the city of Baltimore must live side-by-side with creatures they've never before encountered, except in their nightmares.

Jack Murphy: sub-human, blood-sucking freak, or just a guy who's had the bad luck to be transformed into a vampire by forces no one understands? Either way, he's not taking the easy way out--no leisurely strolls beneath the noonday sun for him. If he's going down, it will be fighting the brutal regime that's taken over his city, and if he has to go undercover as a "male escort" to do it, then so be it.

Except his lover, Laura, doesn't care for Jack's new career choice. Their bond is strong, and when they hit the sheets, they spark a heatwave to match the one that holds the city in its scorching grip. But the gigolo thing? And the mean streak Jack's developed lately? The combination is enough to shake anyone's trust.

Telling Laura the truth about his job would put her life at risk. Telling her why his job makes him so crazy...that would put Jack's pride at risk.

And blood-sucking freak or not, he's still a man, after all.


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