Wednesday, May 28, 2008

201 and I'm...outta here!

The dark side called and I came running, baby. After three years and two hundred posts on Blogger, I've made the switch to WordPress and I now live HERE.

Go read about the contest I'm running to celebrate both the new website and my first release with Red Sage.

I've imported all my old posts, but this site will stay up for at least a while. Also, my main website at will shortly be defunct as I switch that domain over to WordPress as well.

Come on over. know...don't. Entirely up to you. :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Links on the topic of Erotic Romance Writers vs. Asshats, Round Eleventy-billion-and-three.

Lillian Feisty.

Personally, I think the RWR should keep on printing those letters. These folks have a right to their opinions just like anybody else. Plus, it's highly instructive for those of us taking notes on how to write tight-assed, judgmental twits with major control issues.

There's gold in them thar fucktards!

(Did I call them enough nasty names? Yeah, I'm still steamed over the "prostitutes" remark. I'll get over it...eventually.)