Saturday, November 26, 2005

This 'N That

Ain't it purdy? My new blog design is courtesy of Design-A-Blog, and I LOVE it. Gotta love the quick, friendly service at a reasonable price, too.

In other news, I've decided to enter the
Amber Heat Wave contest, in hopes of winning a contract from that invitation-only publisher. The guidelines call for a 5K to 12K word short story, erotic in nature, from any subgenre. I'm trying my hand at a non-paranormal romance for the first time in at least a year--an old-fashioned Gothic set in the Regency period. I'm turning the Gothic formula of "innocent girl trapped in scary, isolated locale with mysterious man" on its ear a bit in this one, as it features a relationship between a compassionate hero whose idealistic nature is in danger of being blighted by the cruel rejection of a bigoted society, and a bitter, slightly-insane heroine with more secrets than are good for her. The whole thing takes place in the heroine's isolated old manor house situated on a wild North Yorkshire moor. Wuthering Heights 2006, anyone? Here's hoping I can finish and submit it by the deadline.

* * *

I caught the Johnny Cash bio-pic, WALK THE LINE, this week, and can highly recommend it. Joaquin Phoenix is phenomenally charismatic and sexy as hell as Cash. He moved me to tears more than once with the depth of his performance. He gives an incredibly realistic portrayal of both the highs and lows of Cash's life.

Reese Witherspoon--whom I generally find annoying--blew me away as his wife, June Carter Cash. I knew next to nothing about the woman upon entering the theatre. By the time I left, I counted her among my heroes.

What impressed me most was the fact that both these actors did all their own singing. I grew up listening to Cash's music, and I can say with some authority that although the Man in Black will never be defeated in terms of song-writing ability and general iconic status, Joaquin has Johnny beat when it comes to carrying a tune.

* * *

Finally, "
Moondance," my first release from, has garnered some nice reviews just lately.

4 STARS from Just Erotic Romance Reviews:
"...'MOONDANCE' is a quick story packed with twists and tension... The characters were interesting and the interactions between Zoey, Lou and Johnny were packed with suspense and did include one steaming hot sex scene."

4 & 1/2 KISSES from Romance Divas:
"Hot and sexy, with scares thrown in for good measure, this book proved to be very erotic... If you want your romance dark and erotic, and you want a story to scare the 'Dickens' out of you, then this is the one for you. Selah March gives the reader 'all that' - an interesting plot, sex hot enough to get bothered over, while delivering the reader a really great horror tale."

STELLAR review from Romance Reviews Today:
"At only 42 pages, 'MOONDANCE' packs quite a punch. Terror and eroticism go hand in hand as Zoey falls into a nightmare she might never awaken from. Of all the short stories in the Shivers line debut, 'MOON DANCE' has that edge of horror that will make readers' pulses pound and send shivers down their spines – read it with the lights on!"

Thanks to all the reviewers, and to all the folks who've sent encouraging words about my very first professional release. We love fan mail. :)


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