Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's *not* dead, Jim.

I got green, and I got blues
And every day there's a little less
Difference between the two

So I belly-up, and disappear
Well, I ain't really drowning
'Cause I see the beach from here.
~Drive-By Truckers, "Goddamn Lonely Love"

As it's been noted (thank you, Ferfe) I'm not so much with the here-ness. Still trying to break through the block of a lifetime on a book with which I've fallen in love...but which most emphatically doesn't love me back. Unrequited passion is a bitch. We'll work it out, though, me and my muse. He'll keep telling me I'm a hack, and I'll keep trying to prove him wrong, and together we'll force the words into their proper order.

In the meantime, I read this essay over at Romancing the Blog, and walked away with a vague sense of...I dunno. Dissatisfaction? Confusion? Some juicy fast-food combo meal made from the two, with a supersized side of WTF?

But then I read THIS, and I felt better.

And hey, FANTASIES III (2007 EPPIE-nom'd homoerotic antho that includes my novella, "Hardcore") is out in print, in case anyone's interested.

4 Angels!
"As the longest story of this anthology, 'Hardcore' is just that - a hardcore story about revenge, sex and dealing with the unexpected. Jesse and Sean are spellbinding and disturbing all at once, but you will have a hard time moving away from this story."
~Isabella for Fallen Angel Reviews

"The plot never slows down, and the interaction between Jesse and Sean is great to watch. This is March's first foray into gay romance and I'm impressed at her characterizations. Sex scenes were beyond hot and tastefully done, with just the right bit of kink. They were also free of trite expressions. 'Hardcore' is a great read and I look forward to more from the author."
~Ryes for Rainbow Reviews

SelahMarch.com - Romance of Dubious Virtue


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had nothing NICE to say over there so I shuttupped my mouf.

2/19/2008 7:29 PM  
Blogger KERRY ALLEN said...

Glad I could help get that nasty-ass taste out of your mouth.

Have a banana. ;p

2/20/2008 4:29 AM  
Blogger Kate R said...

I'm not reading anything that gives me heartburn. Nope. And what's a 2006 title being OOP? Bad, bad.

Kick that book's butt and return.

2/20/2008 4:12 PM  

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