Thursday, October 12, 2006

Unattractive Wallowing, Nice Review on the Side: Order up!

There's a storm a'comin'. And the name of the black, swirling clouds I see on the horizon? "Rejection."

Remember how I said I sucked at self-promo? It's still true. But there's another part of this business I find more terrifying, and this fear is the one that cripples me. If anything is going to cause me to fail, it's my difficulties with handling the Big R.

I know all the little mantras others use to help them get through it. "They're not rejecting YOU, they're just rejecting your STORY. And it's not that the STORY isn't good, it's just not RIGHT FOR THEM AT THIS TIME."

Uh huh.

So I try to prepare myself. I gird -- my loins, my heart, my spirit. I fortify by reminding myself how many other people will receive that same letter. I'm not alone -- the company in this particular batch of rejections is truly vast and stellar.

I tell myself some stuff. I literally sit and talk to myself in a snarky, snap-out-of-it-already tone, stating over and over that this is just entertainment. Fiction. No one lives or dies. No one's home is washed away or blown up or shaken apart. No one gets a telegram (do they still send telegrams?) from the government saying their husband or son or brother or father is missing in action.

"Perspective, you silly bint. Stop wallowing. It's stupid and unattractive. YOU HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN THE REJECTION.


Yeah. Thanks, self. I feel so much better now.

In other news, LIE TO ME received one hell of a nice review from Joni at

"Selah March tells a riveting story... once in the heart of it, you'll be left clutching the edge of your seat and anxious to find out how it all unfolds and whether or not the hero and heroine have a chance at making a life together. Sensational is the only word to describe this tale of espionage, suspense and last, but not least, two lost souls searching for a love they never thought possible!"

And for dessert? A smack to the head for being such an irritating, whiny-assed, petulant loser. :p - Romance of Dubious Virtue
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