Friday, August 11, 2006

One Year Later

Check it out.

Of course, because nobody will stand up and be counted on record, these remain unsubstantiated allegations. But they have the ring of truth, don't they? Or maybe it's the stench.

I especially like this part:

"According to my source, Quinn was asked to resign by every single board member for lying and trying to force a personal agenda on the organization." (original quote: LLB)

Quinn has balls. I do give her that.

I will admit to being disappointed in the board members who are afraid to step forward and put faces and names to these allegations. A threatened lawsuit is only as scary as the person bringing it, and while I'll admit the sheer force of Tara Taylor Quinn's arrogance is pretty damned impressive, I gotta say...if you've got the truth on your side a whole bunch of folks willing to back up under oath, what's to fear?

On the other hand, I do understand the desire to let the whole nasty business die.

It's good to know that reason reigns once more down in the national offices of this organization. Makes me feel much better about the dues check I recently dropped in the mail.


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