Friday, October 13, 2006

It's All Good

So this morning at around 4, I had this nightmare. In it, the editor to whom I recently submitted wrote me a long email explaining how and why the story I'd sent her was WRONGWRONGWRONG and bad and not good, and could never be salvaged in any way from its wrong-bad-not-goodness. Then she showed up in person to reiterate these sentiments.

Later in the same dream, my husband attempted to add a front porch to our house. He did this on the evening of Halloween, and did quite a bad job of it. Especially the steps, which apparenlty weren't actually ATTACHED to the porch. So when the little trick-or-treaters came...well, let's just call it carnage and keep moving.

It was a very realistic dream. And when I awoke? I felt better.

Because really, anything occurring in the next several weeks falling short of THAT horror show? BONUS! - Romance of Dubious Virtue


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