Friday, September 14, 2007

Well, that sucked.

My enforced hiatus from the 'Net is over, praise be.

It wasn't all bad. Got a lot of laundry done. Cleaned a few closets. Lost five pounds without trying too hard. I believe I'll try a few more of these little sabbaticals in the near future, but not for three weeks at a time, and most emphatically NOT when I'm within a few days of a hard deadline.

Got a couple good reviews whilst I was away, including a 4 Star barn-burner from Romantic Times. Will post them soonish.

Happy weekend. :) - Romance of Dubious Virtue


Blogger Ann Vremont said...

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9/17/2007 9:29 AM  
Blogger Ann Vremont said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9/17/2007 3:08 PM  
Blogger Ann Vremont said...

attempt # 3 to get this right - damn, whatever I'm smokin' -- no one wants any

Wow, I couldn't have lasted that long! Fiscal health and all be damned, the credit card woulda been pulled out for the computer replacement. I had the ribbon connector on my backup external die (only, ahem, it really wasn't "backup" - 10% or so would have just been lost permanently) - i was moaning like I'd lost an arm or something. Told my husband I would have rather had his cat get run over (the old one, not the kitten, who's still kinda cute).

Thankfully it was just a ribbon and all is well at no extra cost even - and the cat doesn't speak English, so it's not like her feelings were hurt. She still comes over and drools on me and all that.

Wait...maybe she does speak English...there's been more drool than usual.

[hah...had to delete and repost without the screw-up between Caridad's YAs and Kelly Parra's YA]

9/17/2007 3:09 PM  
Blogger FerfeLaBat said...

There is something to be said for taking a break now and then I must agree. I don't know that I could go that long without a computer but it is nice to shift gears.

9/19/2007 4:39 PM  
Blogger Selah March said...

I very nearly didn't survive it. And my laundry room is right back to where it was before the Great iMac Crash of 2007, so...yeah. Pointless suffering.

Ann, I'm confused, did you read Caridad's book?

9/23/2007 12:34 PM  

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