Friday, September 23, 2005

The Monthly Rag--and No, I Don't Mean THAT

Yesterday, I received my copy of the Romance Writers Report (RWR), the monthly periodical published by the RWA for the benefit of its membership. The RWR is, in fact, one of my favorite RWA bennies. I love to curl up with a cup of joe and the latest issue, and peruse the Letters to the Editor, the Market Update, the Sold! column, and the laugh-out-loud words of wisdom that always grace Jenny Crusie's PROgress column. This month's issue was no exception.

Of the twelve letters to the editor, five of them were on the subject of the RITA/GH awards ceremony debacle, including one signed by the majority of the national Board of Directors apologizing to the membership at large for the mess. Although a certain contingent of bloggers and RWA members on various RWA email loops were vocal in defending both the event and those who organized it, none of the five letters published were supportive of the tone or execution of the ceremony. Perhaps next month's issue will contain opinions from the other side of the aisle, giving the "I really don't see what the big deal is" contingent the last word on the matter, but in the meantime, I'm sure you'll pardon me while I take a moment to do a restrained, ladylike Dance of Vindication.

Of the seven remaining letters on various other topics, the one that caught my eye came from a self-identified "grandma" commenting on the idea of other "grandmas" in general reading sexually explicit romance. Apparently, she finds the entire idea ridiculous, opining that most women of her generation think detailed sex scenes are one big yawn. I'm certain the "authors of a certain age" over at Ellora's Cave who are WRITING these steamy romances will be fascinated to hear this, as will the sexy seniors who make up a healthy percentage of their audience.

"Granny" went on to say that all we "steamy" romance authors have managed to accomplish is to give the loud-mouthed fucktards who bash us as purveyors of girlie-porn more grist for their mill.

In truth, I feel sorry for this lady--and not because she doesn't like sexually explicit romance. To each her own, baby--that's the whole POINT. No, I pity her because in all her years on the planet, she A) still hasn't managed to figure out that just because SHE doesn't enjoy something, it doesn't necessarily follow that OTHER people--even those in her own peer group--are necessarily going to dislike it, and B) still gives a hoot in the hot place what the loud-mouthed fucktards say. How sad for her. Here's hoping she gets over it.

Oh, and Nora Roberts bought a full-page ad in which she pretty much eviscerates our outgoing RWA President, but I'm sure everyone's heard enough about THAT to last a lifetime.

And in her PROgress column, titled "Rats with Islands: How To Survive Your Publishing Career," Jennifer Crusie did a spectacular job of making me laugh, think, laugh some more, and cry in the space of two pages. Truly, very inspiring--right up there with "There will be pork in the trees by morning."

I know I bitch long and loud about the RWA, but in the end, I feel much the same way about the organization as I feel about the United States of America. LOVE my country--not necessarily nuts about the folks who run it, or the policies they put in place. The people who educated me taught me that it's not only my right, but my responsibility as a citizen to stand up and point out the flaws in how the nation operates. The definition of a true patriot is one who stands by the country, NOT the government, or so said Teddy Roosevelt--a Republican.

To my mind, the definition of a true Member in Good Standing of the RWA is one who stands up and points out the crap BEFORE it hits the fan, AS it's hitting the fan, and as it slides down the walls of the ballroom. And keeps pointing it out until everybody quits holding their noses and pretending they don't smell anything. And then helps to clean it up.

So even though the current White House administration and Congressional majority make me want to tear my hair from my head and go screaming into the streets more often than not, I'll not be renouncing my American citizenship anytime soon. Nor will I be removing myself from the RWA rolls in the near future.

Because if nothing else, for a hundred bucks a year, the RWA can be VERY entertaining, even if all you do is read the damned magazine.


SHIP-HAS-SAILED question of the day:

President Bush and his cronies categorically refuse to roll back recent tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% of Americans to help offset the astronomical costs of Katrina and the war in Iraq.

"The Bush administration still hopes to make permanent tax cuts that are set to expire in 2008, such as the 15 percent tax rate on capital gains and dividends." (CNN)


KATRINA CLEAN UP PAID FOR ON THE BACKS OF SOLDIERS' FAMILIES THIS really the best way to "support the troops?"

Happy weekend, folks. For those of you in Rita's path, vaya con Dios. We'll be watching and praying that bitch simmers down.


Blogger Donald Francis said...

Well, I'm glad to see that there seems to be some accountability for the issues raised from the Con. That's progress that I hadn't expected from the outset.

9/23/2005 1:31 PM  
Blogger Selah March said...

Yes, amidst the shouts of "Let's not play the BLAME GAME!" there WERE folks quite willing to stand up and take some responsibility for the mess. (Of course, they weren't necessarily the ones directly responsible...)

Anyway, that's why I'm sticking with the organization for at least another year, and probably for the duration. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, there's nothing wrong with RWA that can't be fixed by what's right with RWA. I hope.

9/23/2005 1:40 PM  
Blogger Eva Gale said...

I should really join. I could use a few good hours of entertainment.

Have you subbed to Kensington? Looks right up your alley.

9/25/2005 10:31 AM  
Blogger Kate R said...

I still haven't gotten my RWR but now for the first time, I'm looking forward to it. Thanks Selah!

9/29/2005 9:54 PM  

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