Friday, June 15, 2007

Me, with a heaping side of Me, bathed in a rich, gooey slather of Me-sauce.

First, the good news: a nice (5 Angels!) review of FORTUNE'S FOOL from Fallen Angels Reviews.

Yes, the reviewer called my novella "Flesh and BLOOD" instead of "Flesh and Bone." Yes, she was less-than-complimentary about my beloved crit partner's story in the same collection. But still...kind words for a piece I really thought might tank with reviewers due to the exTREMEly dark and potentially squicky nature of its subject matter.

To wit:
"A darkly disturbing, yet well written novella, Flesh and Blood brings the dark side to life. Full of disturbing imagery and debauchery there is still a wonderful romance and a believable bond between the hero and heroine. I am truly amazed by the fact that a normally unpalatable topic drew me in and kept me enthralled. Very well done Ms. March."

Now? The better news: Annie Dean LIKES me. She reallyreally LIKES me. See? Look. See?? She thinks I should be FAMOUS.

I'd rather be rich, but I'll take famous, so long as it doesn't mean I have to wear underwear around the house.

And finally, the best news of all...which is not, in fact, really about me. See? I'm not as disgustingly self-absorbed as I think you think I think I am. Or something.

One of my other crit partners, the brilliant and excessively fashionable Barbara Caridad Ferrer -- she of DOUBLE-Rita finalist fame -- has sold herself another book. Behold:

ADIÓS TO MY OLD LIFE author, Barbara Caridad Ferrer’s A THIN LINE, a contemporary interpretation of Bizet's "Carmen" in which the fiery gypsy is re-invented as a modern-day dancer, torn between the attentions of a intense, disciplined music prodigy and a flamboyant soccer player, to Shelley Diaz at Dial, for publication Spring 2009, by Caren Johnson at Caren Johnson Literary Agency.

And REALLY finally, because it's Friday and I'm feelin' frisky, a very brief excerpt from my upcoming release, "Hardcore," my first M/M romance and part of the Phaze Fantasies III collection, due out the first week of July:

"You need to use the john?" Bonham asked him, his voice gruff but subdued. "Maybe take a shower?"

Sean shook his head. "I'm good." He slid out of his damp jacket and shivered as the cool air struck his bare arms and neck.

Bonham began rummaging around in the oversized duffel he'd carried in from the truck. A few seconds later, he came up with a fresh set of clothes. "I'll be twenty minutes or so. Then we'll see what Manuel left us to eat, and maybe start a fire."

Before he could think, Sean heard himself saying, "You're not gonna tie me up?"

Bonham shot a glance over his left shoulder. "I thought we'd save the kinky shit for when we know each other better."

"Funny. You're a real comedian for a convicted killer."

Bonham was next to him in under a second, his fingers digging into Sean's bicep. He stared up into Sean's face, his lip curled into a snarl, and said, "Watch your mouth, kid. You know nothing about me, so don't pretend you do. You won't like the results."

Sean knew he should let it drop. He knew it like he knew he wanted to feel Bonham's hands on more than his arm or his wrist. Which is probably why he said, "You mean like the Incredible Hulk? I won't like you when you're angry?"

The pupils of Bonham's eyes dilated, just like they'd done back at the bar, the first time he'd touched Sean. The corner of his mouth twitched. "Something like that, yeah." He let go of Sean's arm and stepped back. "It's an eight-mile hike to the highway. With the rain like it is, you'd drown before you made it, and that's without me chasing you down and knocking your dick in the dirt."

"And you're so sure I can't hotwire that piece of shit you parked out front?"

Bonham stepped back again, far enough to make a show of looking Sean up and down. He snorted. "Yeah, I'm sure." Then he went into the bathroom and shut the door.

Sean listened to the creak and thud of the pipes as the shower came on, and considered his options. He could make a run for it, but Bonham was right--an eight-mile hike in the dark and mud and pouring rain didn't exactly appeal to him, especially since he'd likely get lost. And he couldn't, in fact, hotwire a truck or any other kind of vehicle. So that left two choices: seduce Bonham and disarm him that way, or try to get the jump on him using good old-fashioned violence.

Everything being equal, the first option was a lot more attractive. But for all his jabber during the drive to the cabin, Sean didn't have the first clue how to handle a guy like Bonham, who was plainly a hell of a lot more complex than Paco Sanchez. He suspected Bonham wouldn't be taken in by a submissive pose and a blowjob, and Sean wasn't sure he was willing to go any further with a stranger.

Even a beautiful stranger? Even if it might save him from eventually being murdered by said beautiful stranger? Yeah, okay. That was reality here--Bonham was a killer, and he'd do well to remember it.

He heard the shower turn off and looked around the room with rising panic, searching for a weapon. There, by the fireplace. A poker. He grabbed it, positioned himself to the left of the bathroom door, and waited.

The door opened, letting out a rolling wave of steam that smelled like soap and freshly-scrubbed male. Sean watched Bonham step through the doorway and…two…thr--

He felt it all before he saw anything...mostly because he'd shut his eyes, which only proved he'd never make much of a ninja. Bonham's hand came out of nowhere, grasping his wrist and twisting until he released the poker. Bonham's body, in nothing but jeans, pressed full-length against his. The older man's wet hair dripped cold on his chest, the water seeping through his tee shirt. Sean took a deep breath, opened his eyes and looked down.

"See," Bonham said, smirking up at him yet again in a way that made Sean want to bite right through that pretty lower lip, "See, now...that was a mistake." - Romance of Dubious Virtue


Blogger Eva Gale said...

Don't think that I had the mental ability to actually crit that story, I was was in it for the man lovin. Only you were pretty slow with the chapters. ;-)

6/15/2007 6:21 PM  
Anonymous Barb said...

One would think you'd get tired of posting my stuff, pet, but I'm forever grateful.

Don't think that I had the mental ability to actually crit that story, I was was in it for the man lovin.

*SNORT* She did do quite the job with it, didn't she? I particularly loved when she asked what kind of cooking oil one might find in Mexico.

6/15/2007 8:35 PM  

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